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Cattleya orchid
Orchids-the most spectacular of all flowering plants! Orchids come in an infinite variety of colors, shapes and sizes and many make great indoor house plants. They can also be extremely fragrant with luscious scents of coconut or chocolate. They range in size from a 2" plant that can sit in the palm of your hand to 5 foot giants that need a tub to grow in.     Once you understand the basics of orchid care you'll be able to grow and flower them year after year! 
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Learn How to Grow and Flower Orchids

What are orchids? The orchid family (Orchidacae) is one of the most diverse and highly evolved families of flowering plants on earth. There are more than 25,000 species, found all the way up to the Arctic Circle. New orchids are being discovered everyday, especially in the tropics where most orchids are found.
              Orchids have been cultivated for more than 2,000 years and have a rich and colorful history. Modern breeding methods have placed these once exotic and expensive plants within the reach of most people. Furthermore, today's hybrids, which outnumber the species, are easier to grow and better generally better adapted to ordinary home condition.

Orchids to Grow


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