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Meaning of Roses

Purple roses means enchantment

The beautiful rose has always been attributed deeper meanings and used to deliver messages between lovers and friends. This habit literary bloomed during the strict Victorian era when passionate messages could be exchanged between lovers in the form of innocent looking bouquets. The meaning of roses turned into an advanced language and even the most intricate message could be shaped into a floral arrangement. The rose color meaning could be enhanced or modified by other factors than the meaning of rose colors, such as the number of roses or how fully blooming roses were combined with rose buds. The message of a single rose meaning love could thus be turned into “I love you but you are too young” by sending the single red rose together with white rose buds. The symbolic meaning of roses do however stretch back much longer than to the Victorian era and early civilizations such as the Romans used flowers to communicate feelings. The meaning of the number of roses has often been connected to the holy numbers in the Bible, such as three, seven and twelve. One dozen of red roses is still considered as one of the ultimate love signs.

          Today, the Victorian era is long since passed but we still turn to flowers when we want to express our true feelings in a personal manner. Roses can sometimes say more than thousand words; they can apologise after a fight when we feel miserable and tongue tied and they can offer consolation at a funeral when words are not enough. The true meaning of rose colors is still not forgotten, even though many of us speak only a fraction of that rich language developed long ago. Why not enhance your vocabulary and start sending your loved ones affectionate messages in the form of beautiful roses – just like the Romans and Victorian lovers did.
           The meaning of white roses is perceived as pure and bright, and by giving away a white rose a suitor says “You are heavenly” and “I respect and look up to you” to the object of his affection.
          The meaning of Red Roses is love while a bouquet of red and white roses is a symbol of unity. The same thing is true for a bouquet of white roses with red edges. It is a signal of loyalty and kinship. “You and I are one” and “We stand united”. Just like the red rose, the purple roses symbolises love but the meaning of purple roses are more a symbol of enchantment and love and first sight than the ever lasting love represented by red roses.
          The meaning of Pink roses are generally viewed as a symbol of refinement and elegance. They have however also been used to send more elaborate messages, where the different pink shades were attributed different meanings. The meaning of roses with a deep pink or cerise tone was gratitude and appreciation, while the meaning of a rose with a very light pink shade was sympathy.


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