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Cattleya orchid
Orchids-the most spectacular of all flowering plants! Orchids come in an infinite variety of colors, shapes and sizes and many make great indoor house plants. They can also be extremely fragrant with luscious scents of coconut or chocolate. They range in size from a 2" plant that can sit in the palm of your hand to 5 foot giants that need a tub to grow in.     Once you understand the basics of orchid care you'll be able to grow and flower them year after year! 
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Learn How to Grow and Flower Orchids

What are orchids? The orchid family (Orchidacae) is one of the most diverse and highly evolved families of flowering plants on earth. There are more than 25,000 species, found all the way up to the Arctic Circle. New orchids are being discovered everyday, especially in the tropics where most orchids are found.
              Orchids have been cultivated for more than 2,000 years and have a rich and colorful history. Modern breeding methods have placed these once exotic and expensive plants within the reach of most people. Furthermore, today's hybrids, which outnumber the species, are easier to grow and better generally better adapted to ordinary home condition.

Orchids to Grow


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Meaning of Roses

Purple roses means enchantment

The beautiful rose has always been attributed deeper meanings and used to deliver messages between lovers and friends. This habit literary bloomed during the strict Victorian era when passionate messages could be exchanged between lovers in the form of innocent looking bouquets. The meaning of roses turned into an advanced language and even the most intricate message could be shaped into a floral arrangement. The rose color meaning could be enhanced or modified by other factors than the meaning of rose colors, such as the number of roses or how fully blooming roses were combined with rose buds. The message of a single rose meaning love could thus be turned into “I love you but you are too young” by sending the single red rose together with white rose buds. The symbolic meaning of roses do however stretch back much longer than to the Victorian era and early civilizations such as the Romans used flowers to communicate feelings. The meaning of the number of roses has often been connected to the holy numbers in the Bible, such as three, seven and twelve. One dozen of red roses is still considered as one of the ultimate love signs.

          Today, the Victorian era is long since passed but we still turn to flowers when we want to express our true feelings in a personal manner. Roses can sometimes say more than thousand words; they can apologise after a fight when we feel miserable and tongue tied and they can offer consolation at a funeral when words are not enough. The true meaning of rose colors is still not forgotten, even though many of us speak only a fraction of that rich language developed long ago. Why not enhance your vocabulary and start sending your loved ones affectionate messages in the form of beautiful roses – just like the Romans and Victorian lovers did.
           The meaning of white roses is perceived as pure and bright, and by giving away a white rose a suitor says “You are heavenly” and “I respect and look up to you” to the object of his affection.
          The meaning of Red Roses is love while a bouquet of red and white roses is a symbol of unity. The same thing is true for a bouquet of white roses with red edges. It is a signal of loyalty and kinship. “You and I are one” and “We stand united”. Just like the red rose, the purple roses symbolises love but the meaning of purple roses are more a symbol of enchantment and love and first sight than the ever lasting love represented by red roses.
          The meaning of Pink roses are generally viewed as a symbol of refinement and elegance. They have however also been used to send more elaborate messages, where the different pink shades were attributed different meanings. The meaning of roses with a deep pink or cerise tone was gratitude and appreciation, while the meaning of a rose with a very light pink shade was sympathy.


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Avocado fruits are getting very popular anywhere in the world.  Avocado is sometimes called “avocado pear” or “alligator pear”, and “Aguacate Palta” in Spanish.
 We believe that avocados have originated in Mexico and Central America. However, today, avocados are being planted and harvested in countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, Sri Lanka, Brazil, India, China, Japan, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ethiopia, Spain, Palestine, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Hawaii. Oh, yes, you can plant it even in your backyard garden and it is adaptable as long as the climate does not go below 5°C during winter season.
Avocado is one of the most recommended fruits as well as a food for bodybuilding and medicine for cholesterol-related heart diseases.
Creamy rich avocado is considered the world's healthiest fruit, because of its nutrient contents such as vitamin K, dietary fiber, potassium, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, and reasonable calories in it.

Avocados contain “oleic acid”, a monounsaturated fat that may help lower cholesterol.
In our studies, patients with high cholesterol levels who ate avocados showed clear health improvements. After a week of avocado diet, patients had significant decrease in cholesterol contents.
Avocado is a good source of potassium, a mineral that helps regulate blood pressure. Adequate intake of potassium can help guard against circulatory diseases, like high blood pressure, heart disease, or stroke.
Diets containing foods that are good sources of potassium and low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke. One cup of avocado has about 23% of the Daily Value for folate, a nutrient important for heart health.
Another study showed that individuals who consume folate-rich diets have a much lower risk of cardiovascular disease or stroke than those who do not consume much of this vital nutrient.
Not only avocado has a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids including oleic acid, which has recently been shown to offer significant protection against breast cancer, but it is also a very concentrated dietary source of the "carotenoid lutein". It also contains measurable amounts of related carotenoids plus significant quantities of vitamin E.
A few slices of avocado in salad, or mixing some chopped avocado into salsa will not only add a rich, creamy flavor, but will greatly increase your body's ability to absorb the health-promoting carotenoids that vegetables provide.
Compared to other fruits or vegetables such as carrots and spinach, just a slice of avocado improves your body's ability to absorb carotenoids.

Ways to Eat an Avocado

Pelamin (Malay wedding)

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(Wedding Dais)

The pelamin or wedding dais is specially created for the "bersanding" ceremony -- the highlight and perhaps the most essential event besides the akad nikah (marriage contract)-- in a traditional Malay wedding.

It is usually grandly designed and gaily decorated, to create some symbolism of a king and queen sitting in state.

As you know, Malays call the bride and groom or the wedded couple as "Raja Sehari" or "Royals for the day". They are therefore treated as such on their wedding day. And royal colors like yellow and tints of yellow are appropriately used during weddings to bring out the ambiance.


                                           With Bestman and Bridesmaid fanning the Couple

The pelamin, with seats for two on a raised platform, serves at least a dual purpose.

For one, as royals for the day, the wedded couple "sitting in state" must, according to stature, be higher than their "subjects" or rather guests.

Secondly, guests and visitors are able to see more clearly the wedded couple (and the "merenjis" ceremony) when they are higher than the rest. Well, one of the reasons for a wedding ceremony is to enable the public and close relatives to know and recognise the newly married husband and wife.

But alas, guests can also clearly see the embarassing blushes of the bride or groom on the dais! Oh well, let them be. They are royals for the day, and they can blush or laugh or cry or do funny things on the dais as they like, right? But on a day like this, when all eyes are on them, they usually are elegance personified, like royals are.

          The structure for the pelamin is mostly made of wood (planks) and covered with carpets or colored cloth and other decorations. The cost for the construction will depend on the elaborateness of the decorations and the variety of items used.

          Skilled decorators are sought to create a wonderful theme for the wedding. To achieve the desired effect, the pelamin is usually made at least three to five days beforehand. This is to be in time for other decorations to be made in the hall or house compound to create a wonderful wedding atmosphere.

          Of course, nowadays, especially in the towns, there are ready-made and packaged pelamin designs with the accompaniments like seats, cushions, etc., that can be assembled and fixed up quickly.

          But in the villages, skilled kampung carpenters usually make them from scratch and therefore more time is needed to make them ready.

          Fragrant and beautiful flowers and floral arrangements always add to the liveliness and beauty of a place. And you can be sure that floral arrangements are part of the decorations for a pelamin.

          You will notice that at both sides of the dais there are some bouquet and bunches of floral arrangements, most often placed on a pedestal.

          These are called "sirih junjung", with betel leaves making the bulk of the arrangement mixed with other beautiful flowers. As you know, Malay weddings always include the sirih (betel) leaves as an essential part of the wedding custom and tradition.

And usually, you will also find a pot or vase of "bunga telur" also on both sides at the front of the dais. A bunga telur is immediately given to those who do the "merenjis" ceremony -- the traditional sprinkling of rice, fragrant potpourri and scented water on the wedded couple.

The seats used are usually specially created wedding chairs or sofa, although creative decorators can use normal chairs or sofa and make them look different and unique.

Be careful with your food

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Live Life Without Limits!

The top five cancer-causing foods are:

1. Hot Dogs
Because they are high in nitrates, the Cancer Prevention Coalition advises that children eat no more than 12 hot dogs a month. If you can't live without hot dogs, buy those made without sodium nitrate.

2. Processed meats and bacon
Also high in the same sodium nitrates found in hot dogs, bacon, and other
processed meats raise the risk of heart disease. The saturated fat in bacon also contributes to cancer.

3. Doughnuts
Doughnuts are cancer-causing double trouble. First, they are made with white flour, sugar, and hydrogenated oils, then fried at high temperatures. Doughnuts, says Adams , may be the worst food you can possibly eat to raise your risk of cancer.

4. French fries
Like doughnuts, French fries are made with hydrogenated oils and then fried at high temperatures. They also contain cancer- causing acryl amides which occur during the frying process. They should be called cancer fries, not French fries, said Adams.

5. Chips, crackers, and cookies
All are usually made with white flour and sugar. Even the ones whose labels claim to be free of trans-fats generally contain small amounts of trans-fats.


Malaysia Bird

Anda salah seorang peminat burung? Nah tengok lah burung ni.  Pada zaman dahulu burung ini adalah merupakan burung peliharaan diraja Melayu.  Rupanya ala-ala burung kakak tua tapi dia ni kecik sikit.
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Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot
Loricules galgulus

Breeding hanging parrot is not too difficult (based on one of the member of Malaysia Bird Forum which had successfully breed the blue crowned hanging parrot in captivity. However, as far as I know, there are still no commercial breeder which breed blue crowned haning parrot in large scale in Malaysia.

Sexing : Sexing blue crowned hanging parrot is very easy. The matured bird will have different colour between male and female bird. The male bird will have blue colour on their head (which is why they are called blue crown) and red mark on their throats. However, the female will only green.

Blue crowned hanging parrot are interesting and fun to watch. In Malaysia, blue crown hanging parrot is still abundan and we can easily hear their voices (eventhough it is difficult to see them). Local will call them as 'Burung Serindit'. They are lively bird that will make use of all areas of the avairy if we keep them. They like to fly but enjoy climbing and scrambling.


Cantik tak design kereta ni. Hampir2 sama ja dengan cutting jenama Toyota yang lain tu kan.

Hem...warnanya pun kelabu.
Macam warna Proton Saga kelabu. Itu tajuk lagu dari Sabah tu.
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