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Malaysia Bird

Anda salah seorang peminat burung? Nah tengok lah burung ni.  Pada zaman dahulu burung ini adalah merupakan burung peliharaan diraja Melayu.  Rupanya ala-ala burung kakak tua tapi dia ni kecik sikit.
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Blue Crowned Hanging Parrot
Loricules galgulus

Breeding hanging parrot is not too difficult (based on one of the member of Malaysia Bird Forum which had successfully breed the blue crowned hanging parrot in captivity. However, as far as I know, there are still no commercial breeder which breed blue crowned haning parrot in large scale in Malaysia.

Sexing : Sexing blue crowned hanging parrot is very easy. The matured bird will have different colour between male and female bird. The male bird will have blue colour on their head (which is why they are called blue crown) and red mark on their throats. However, the female will only green.

Blue crowned hanging parrot are interesting and fun to watch. In Malaysia, blue crown hanging parrot is still abundan and we can easily hear their voices (eventhough it is difficult to see them). Local will call them as 'Burung Serindit'. They are lively bird that will make use of all areas of the avairy if we keep them. They like to fly but enjoy climbing and scrambling.


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